Mini ECO model Mazu


Mini ECO model Mazu is designed for beginers in rc boat hobby.

The whole process of building the boat is easy and straight foward.

Anyone from the age of 10 can build it with no special tools needed.

The boat is designed by the NAVIGA rule book so the boat can run in mini ECO class.

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Model Mazu1 okarbon rc hydroplane fast boat

The concept of the model Mazu is to inspire the young generation and teach them the basis of the construction techniques and materials.The builder learns how to prepare the parts for combining them together.The satisfaction of the first water test is just something never to be forgoten.

Wooden ribs are quickly assembled with the usage of PVA glue or even faster cyanocol glue.The kit comes with the L530 glue which is needed for combining plastic parts, wooden frame to plastic hull and positioning the main shaft and the rudder assembly.

The build is quick and clean.This means that you can build the boat with basic tools and there is no need for using any special equiptment or cemicals to make the model solid or watertight.

Weight 0,1 kg
Dimensions 90 × 80 × 30 cm


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