okarbon | Terms and Conditions
At okarbon we are developing and hand building worlds fastest RC airplane models, PDR tools and other composite fabrication
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        I.            CONTACT:

O KARBON, Simon Ogrinec s.p.

Podgorje 4a, 1241 Kamnik, Slovenia




      II.            COMPANY DETAILS:

O KARBON, Izdelovanje kompozitnih izdelkov, Simon Ogrinec s.p.

Podgorje 4a, 1241 Kamnik

Registration No.: 6929834000

Date of Registration with the Slovenian Commercial Register: 5 October 2015

Trans. Acc.: IBAN SI56 6100 0001 1969 274 (Delavska hranilnica d.d., Ljubljana)



The O KARBON Company undertakes to guarantee following information to their customer:


1.       the main characteristics of merchandise or services,

2.       the company contact information and basic company details,

3.       final purchasing price of the merchandise or services (VAT included),

4.       temporal application of an offer,

5.       payment methods,

6.       information on delivery and shipping costs,

7.       merchandise delivery or service execution deadline,

8.       information on return of goods – contract withdrawal,

9.       awareness of responsibility for clerical errors of products,

10.   product warranty.


Payment Method:

Payment is performed via a pro forma invoice to a business account of the O KARBON Company. The buyer shall receive a confirmation upon payment and the ordered product to their selected address – home address or any other destination. Invoice shall be forwarded to the payer, if the payer and recipients differ.



The O KARBON Company undertakes to deliver the merchandise or perform the services in an agreed upon deadline, unless they are faced with unpredictable circumstances out of their control (e.g. unexpected delay of delivery from suppliers).


Products can be handed-over in person or via delivery service. The buyer is also the payer of the delivery and return costs. The cost of delivery is defined by the pricelist of the selected delivery service.


The contractual partner of package deliveries is the GLS Company, nonetheless the O KARBON Company holds the right to select another delivery service, if they deem the delivery shall be carried out with more efficiency.


Delivery is possible in Slovenia and abroad as agreed upon.


Return of Goods – Withdrawal from a Contract

The buyer holds the right to notify the provider their withdrawal from the contract without stating any reasons for their decision within 14 days from the collection of the goods in pursuant to the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act (sl. Zakon o varstvu potrošnikov). The buyer shall provide a statement without any doubts and with clear intentions of the withdrawal to the following e-mail address: info@okarbon.eu. The costs incurred in the process of return of goods is the expense charged to the buyer in accordance with the contract withdrawal. The goods shall be returned to the O KARBON Company in not later than in 14 days after the submitted contract withdrawal (purchase). The timely return of goods by the buyer shall be deemed exercised, if the goods are retuned prior to the 14-day deadline.

The received goods shall be returned without harm and in the exact quantity as received, unless the goods are destroyed, broken, lost or the quantity was altered without the liability of the buyer.

The return of performed payments shall be exercised immediately or in 14 days at the latest from receiving the notification on the contract withdrawal. The O KARBON Company shall reimburse the received payments to the buyer via the same payment method as used by the buyer in their purchase, unless it was agreed otherwise and the buyer demanded the use of any other payment method, which means the buyer is not incurred any expenses. The O KARBON Company can withhold the return of received payments until receiving the returned goods or until the buyer submits any proof of sending the returned goods. The return of the received goods to the O KARBON Company within the withdrawal deadline is considered as a notification of the contract withdrawal.


The option of return of goods is not applicable to the goods, manufactured regarding specific instructions of the buyer or adapted it their personal requests.


The products shall not be and cannot be used by the buyer until the withdrawal, yet they shall only provide inspection and the testing of the received product in the required scope to assess actual status and regarding to the standard practice in stores. Any form of testing the product, which deviates from the prescribed, is accountable for product use and the consumer no longer holds the right to the return of goods. Product included in the process of the return of goods shall be not used, harmed and packed in its original packaging. The package shall include a copy of the invoice or any other suitable documentation.



Clerical Error:

Clerical error in a purchased product is enforced in following circumstances:

–          if the product lacks any feature, which enables the product to function properly or its traffic;

–          if the products lack any feature, which enables the special function, being the reason behind the purchase, which was disclosed to the provider or should be of general knowledge;

–          if the product lacks features and virtues, which were explicitly or silently agreed upon or prescribed;

–          if the provider handed over a product, which differs from the pattern or a model, unless the patter or model displayed was used only to properly notify.

Product adequacy for normal use is tested according to the regular goods of same kind and regarding any kind of statements form the provider on goods characteristics, which were presented on the provider’s behalf in advertising the product, its presentation or statements on the product itself. Buyer shall notify the provider on the possible clerical error, including a detailed description of the error. Buyer shall bear any costs of notification within the legally binding deadline and enable the provider the inspection of the product.

Buyer, who adequately notified the provider of the presence of a clerical error, holds the right to demand from the provider:

–          elimination of the clerical error of the product or

–          reimbursement of a partial amount in proportion to the error or

–          reimbursement of the entire amount.

The right of enforcing the clerical errors is defined in detailed by the Consumer Protection Act (sl. Zakon o varstvu potrošnikov)



Products are under warranty, if this is defined in the warranty certificate or invoice. Warranty is valid only in case of respecting the instructions stated on a warranty certificate and with an attached invoice. Warranty deadlines are defined in the warranty certificates or an invoice. Warranty information can also be included on the product presentation webpage. In case the warranty information is missing, the product is not under warranty or it is not known in this precise moment. Regarding the latter, the buyer shall contact the provider for any latest information.

Manufacturer shall guaranty warranty to the buyer for impeccable function of the purchased goods in pursuant to the valid legislation. Warranty can be enforced indirectly with the manufacturer or their authorised service provider. Warranty is enforced with a warranty certificate and an invoice from the provider.

Manufacturer is obligated to repair a product or eliminate any malfunctions within 45 days of receiving the goods or substitute the product with another product of equal value and flawless function. Buyer can also enforce the warranty with the provider and the provision form the previous paragraph is also valid.

Return of goods under warranty is performed according to the conditions as defined on the warranty certificate on behalf of the manufacturer, while the buyer shall bear no costs.


Protection of personal data:

The OKARBON Company undertakes a permanent protection of personal data of the buyer. The OKARBON Company shall use the personal information exclusively for the needs of fulfilling the order (forwarding informational material, offers, invoices) and other necessary communication. User information shall under no circumstances be forwarded to any unauthorised persons.


The terms and conditions are valid from 1 June 2017.


Information and details about the activity of the website, which is managed by the OKARBON Company, is available the following telephone number: +386 31 582 777 or the following e-mail address: info@okarbon.eu