okarbon | Hydrofoil Albatross
At okarbon we are developing and hand building worlds fastest RC airplane models, PDR tools and other composite fabrication
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About Albatross

Inflatable board provides additional safety for the rider and stores in a backpack! Rechargable battery enabling 1h riding time at full power. 5kw high torque electric motor, enabling speeds up to 50 kmh .

  • Fully modular design, for ease of transport and storage
  • Wireless remote control with automatic switch-off and additional safety features
  • Computer optimized foil shape for amazing performance and efortless learning
  • Hydrofoil made of 100% high quality carbon fiber and epoxy resin


Hydrofoil ALBATROSS is available now!

Battery powered compressor included free of charge in pre-order.


percent carbon fiber




hour riding at full power

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