Foil Tracks


Lightweight and Strong: The unique design of O’Karbon foil tracks offers a lighter construction without compromising strength. Experience effortless maneuverability and enhanced control, thanks to the perfect balance of weight and rigidity.

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Introducing O’Karbon Foil Tracks-14inch – Unmatched Performance for Foil Boards

Take your foil boarding to the next level with O’Karbon Foil Tracks. Designed with precision and innovation, these tracks are crafted using a single carbon fibre formation, this monocoque design maximizes strength and durability, allowing you to push your limits on the water.
Perfect Length: With a length of 14 inches (35cm), these tracks are optimized for various foil boards, especially downwind models..

Weight 0,2 kg
Dimensions 50 × 50 × 20 cm


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