okarbon | Stormchaser carbon fiber airframe
At okarbon we are developing and hand building worlds fastest RC airplane models, PDR tools and other composite fabrication
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stormchaser 60


Stormchaser 60 is a world fastest flying wing airframe. World record holder is a pilot Bruce Tebo that pushed the Stormchaser60 to the speeds of 369MpH (593 Km/h) in Weldon California.

More about Stormchaser 60 and it’s speed record you can read at the rcspeeds website. You can find Stormchaser 60 topic also on international forums RC groups and RC network.






inch wing diameter

Stormchaser SC60 Promo Video

Airfame is designed in 3D Cad program with custom airfoil selection. You can chose the your own composite variation suited to your needs.

With full Carbon fiber record breaking DS ships to more affordable Glass fiber sport version. There is also a light version that is very popular for flying in light winds.

All models are made with sandwich composite technique, using Balsa wood for core material.

Stormchaser 60 in Glass composite (GFK) you can get in sport and light version. Carbon fiber is used for main spar and for reinforcements. If you want Carbon fiber (GFK) version you can chose from classic CFK or DS CFK version.